How contact me?
A brief description of my business concepts and views. Not only in business. Instead of resume. :)
Like many other personalities, I have a habit of clearly separate business and public & private life. The relations with relatives, friends and social contacts are always personal, and society lives on its own rules. :) Always everywhere I try to do my own promises or words and keep the trust in me of important people to my soul. If I fail to do this that very sad & painful me. Fukushima disaster. The most important thing is comfort and peace in the heart of others. What about me? For my happiness, it's feel the world...feel the life...feel the people... Only chances to feel so much in our lives heal my soul.
The time I spend for others for me is a measure of how important it is for me to stay in touch with those who is important for me.*a complicated phrase but true :))) Please understand, unfortunately, my time is limited and time is the most expensive one from all that I give to others and appreciate for any answer. However, I never was a thief stealing a time. I am very sorry and ashamed if someone could had such an impression because of me. Dear Reader, don't judge me please too strictly. Any of us have equal time day-night and opportunity, energy to become succesful. When I conquere my pain every time, just standing up & keep fighting with my own fate to find my way, my place, my spiritual values of life. For tangible assets exists business. :) ....In such moments I understand that what I do is changing, is useful, is's help people change world to the better today. Also I understand that every stage of success is not just "salary" or some kind of compensation but "a ticket" to much more, much responsible in my life. Many tasks in my list. For example... make people's life much more easer, when You break a linguistic limits in Your mind. When You free to study world, taste it, feel it, hear it and understand, speak & discuss. Every will select what prefer and anyone become citizen of the world....such perfect, beautiful. And yes, we all like it that the humanity is different in art, culture, language. True treasury is only human's soul. Also I appreciate the sincerity, the good heart, the skills given by the work of level superlady / superman ;) and the wisdom. I can recognize my mistakes and always respect the right to choose in the life of each person.

As I have been written before because of the sudden, totally unexpected fall in health due to the chronic, from my birth, the disease, (the bad things sometimes just happen with my health. No one in the world is responsible for that). I have created a few rules and restrictions in my life in purpose of easing with business, correspondence, conversations, everyday life in order to save forces and time. Hope this will create the minimum inconvenience for You.
  1. +48 727 871404 Ukraine* my permanent residence place & citizenship. Viber
  2. +48 727 871401 USA & Canada, Australia, Viber
  3. +48 727 871402 The United Kingdom Viber
  4. +48 727 871407 France, Spain & Italy Viber
  5. +48 727 871408 Swiss, Germany, Austria Viber
  6. +48 727 871410 The Netherlands, Belgium Viber
  7. +48 727 871411 Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland Viber
  8. +48 727 871412 Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia Viber
  9. +48 727 871415 Poland, Czech Republik, Hungary Viber
  10. +48 727 871416 Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece Viber
  11. +48 727 871417 Japan, China, India and other states in Asia Viber
  12. +48 727 871418 The countries of Central & South America Viber
  13. +48 727 871419 The countries of Arabic world Viber
  14. +48 727 871420 The countries of Africa Viber
  15. +48 727 871421 The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Viber
  16. +48 727 871424 Many others the respectful and beautiful countries around the World Viber

  17. The important details. Please read with attention.
    *I can NOT co-operate or have business relations with temporarily residents / permanent residents / persons who have citizenship (even in case of dual citizenship) of countries under the sanctions of the international community for international aggression, crimes against the human rights (of course, including the countries that not fight against crimes that breaking the rights of women & children) or international drug & people traffic or many others.

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