Why I created my website?
Why I created this website? For what? Why I spend time when always say to everyone how much valuable is time. Every day, every moment, every movement, every emotion, every word...how we lived it...how & what we felt. After many years of our lives...it will be creating a picture. Something beatiful, something amazing, something very special and joyful for each of us...from many many people around the world. Each human has it's own picture, created by it's fortune. Anyone is a Great Master, the Great Creator.
Of course I can use tech "all inclusive" variants & many practicable, perfect built apps & decisions created by a good and smart people, but here I am free of any ads, any social prejudice, any marketing...Like in old times when I was more independent, more youngest and more active in life (and the grass was greener and the sun was shining stronger ;) ) I can write what joyful, painful or important to me. Many individuals around the globe have a dream to became a holders of land on the moon. :) The better way is the opening of website. It's always private by the strict rules of my own private privacy policy (never break my own rules..just in very very urgent cases & only with permission. There is no exceptions.) but 24×7 available for those who may have an interest in the reading about me.
I don't like be depend from commerce or other financial activity of big corporations/ many corporate rules, from moderating actions by managers or risk of closing my account by decision from any the "smart" Artifical Intelligence system because I writing some emotions or add something about politics in my private opinion. A hi-tech world exist for our comfort...to help us achieve more & more efficient, be connected & or get in touch with those who is important by us.
P.S.I have a desire to describe myself in limits that is limited by my own decision {* I have stopped in creating for myself the long plans in my life because of permanent troubles with health. Living every day with a passion by meeting with sunshine and later looking at night sky...moon...} & possible in the future leave in the digital world my own "digital portrait" for all who care/worry about me.
Welcome to all around the globe. The world I love and respect You. Volodymyr Kovalskyy. Thank for visit. If You want You can stay and read more dear the Guest.
My favorite phrase is...
Es tut mir leid..möglich Schmerz ist mein Weg aber nicht mein Zukunft. Mein Schicksal...glücklich zu sein mit dem Teil aus meine Seele, welche ich bin verloren vor vielen Jahren in der Vergangenheit..Dazu Ich müss Antworten auf viele Fragen finden
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